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Following quite a serious surgery to fuse four cervical disks, I went home from Altus Baytown Hospital one day following surgery and never experienced any major pain (some discomfort) or other issues.

The staff at Altus was outstanding from the admissions to the surgical staff to the floor staff. All were pleasant, caring and efficient. The health issue was deterioration of cervical disks which caused a weakening of my right arm and numbness in my hands. The surgeon fused four disks, and I have strength back in my arms.

Altus worked closely with me and my insurance to make sure that this procedure was afforable. My costs were considerably less at Altus than they would have been at another facility. Due to the outstanding care that I received, I have and will continue to refer people to Altus Baytown Hospital. Every aspect of this facility is outstanding.


I've had several procedures at Altus Baytown Hospital. Everyone from the front desk, to the nurses and my surgeon made this experience the best hospital by far. I've referred several people that Altus has helped with great results and affordable quality care. Thank you Altus Baytown Hospital for being a part of the Baytown community.

Judy Armenta, Patient


"Treatment at the facility was fantastic. Everything went smoothly, primarily due to the doctor and staff. They were extremely professional. Furthermore, the hospital just didn’t seem like other facilities when it comes to cleanliness and sound operations. The staff had perfect bedside manner. Everyone was pleasant and genuinely seemed like they wanted to be there. That latter part doesn’t exist at a lot of facilities.

My hammer toe made it hurt to walk and wear shoes. That problem no longer exists. I found the services to be lower priced than any other hospital. "

Shehzad F. Roopani, Patient

"From the moment we walked in the door to start having test done we were welcomed with the most friendliest staff. Everyone helped and answered all of our questions. After testing it was determined that my husband had to have surgery. Always a scary thing, but thanks to everyone at Altus we were able to relax and allow the doctors to do their thing. Altus not only takes care of the patients but also the spouse or loved one as well. We were only expecting an over night stay but that changed to a several day stay. Every day spent in the hospital was completely wonderful.

Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable and were on top of all of my husbands needs. We could not have asked for a more wonderful place to take care of a sick person. We will now always go back when we are in need of any medical treatment. Nothing better than a place that makes you feel like your at home and in caring hands!"

Tobey and Lyn Williams

"The staff was extremely caring and explained everything from finances to medications. You felt as if family was caring for you and understood all the treatments and medicines you were getting.

The nurses spent the time explaining things and if necessary contacted the doctor for clarification. We can't thank Altus for their great service."

Carlos M, Patient