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Altus Hospital Is Expanding their Emergency Room Care

POSTED ON August 29, 2019

Altus Hospital in Baytown has announced they will be expanding its emergency room care starting September 1st, 2019. The expansion is a direct result of ZT Corporate, the owners of Altus Hospital, having partnered with the most prestigious independent emergency centers in town to now serve as ER branches of Altus Hospital. Altus Baytown ER

Looking back on Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week

POSTED ON December 27, 2017

As we wrap up the end of the year, we reflect on Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week that took place during the first week of December. Do you know someone who was recently diagnosed? Maybe they often visit a GI specialist but you have no clue what a GI specialist does. Maybe your friend has

New Year’s Resolutions

POSTED ON December 8, 2017

We’ve all made new year’s resolutions towards our health only to end up not going through with them. Making a resolution does not mean you would be setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes, the best change we can make comes first from the baby steps we take in the beginning that later help push us

Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week

POSTED ON November 30, 2017

Beginning tomorrow on December 1st is Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week. Do you know someone who was recently diagnosed? Maybe they often visit a GI specialist but you don’t have a clue what a GI specialist does. Maybe your friend has been opting out on indulging in foods and drinks you used to normally enjoy

Altus National Diabetes Awareness

POSTED ON October 31, 2017

While most people associate the summer with eating right and getting fit, the fall is even more so the time to stay on track with a balanced diet and exercise routine. That is because November is National Diabetes Awareness month. Did you know that over 29 million people in the United States alone have diabetes?

Breast Cancer Awareness Facts

POSTED ON September 29, 2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we are happy to participate in raising awareness! Breast cancer is a disease that affects all of us in different ways. While there isn’t a cure for cancer, there is a great deal of awareness we should all be knowledgeable of. These are some of the facts that

Pain Awareness Month: What to Expect and How to Help

POSTED ON September 11, 2017

Pain. It’s something we feel from a young age and throughout our lives in various ways. But no matter what hurts, the way we experience and manage pain is a unique and personal story, no matter the symptoms or diagnosis. Unfortunately, while pain is a common sensation that translates to every part of the world,

6 Ways to Improve Spine Health

POSTED ON August 30, 2017

Since grade school, it’s been ingrained into us that poor posture would lead to spinal problems in our adult years. Who knew are parents and teachers were right? Doctors! Numerous studies support good posture being one of the easiest ways to keep your spine healthy. A healthy spine is vital for flexibility and optimum protection

The Most Common Reasons For Breast Reduction Surgery

POSTED ON August 10, 2017

Within the past year, a lot of notable women from varied career paths have vocalized their reasons for undergoing breast reduction surgery. In 2016, 61,546 procedures were done for breast reductions among reconstructive patients only. This kind of plastic surgery is intended to correct a dysfunction  or improve the function and appearance of a body

Eating Chocolate Could Lower Your Risk of AFib

POSTED ON July 1, 2017

There have been numerous studies to prove the various cardiovascular benefits of eating moderate levels of dark chocolate. With millions of Americans suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common type of heart arrhythmia, new research found that eating chocolate could lower your risk of AFib. What is AFib AFib is a condition that causes

Heart Health: 4 Reasons to Avoid Eating Late at Night

POSTED ON June 15, 2017

Are you guilty of eating dinner late due to a busy lifestyle or just love a good midnight snack? These late night eating habits could have a negative impact not just on your waistline, but on your heart health as well. A study done by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania,

Men’s Health: 5 Ways to Improve Your Health

POSTED ON May 31, 2017

Despite the advances of medical technology, males are still at an increased risk of succumbing to certain chronic health conditions and diseases that are preventable. With June being Men’s Health Month, the message from the medical community is clear, get checked! Created by the U.S. Congress in 1994, the goal of this awareness month is

3 Tips to Enjoy Old Age

POSTED ON May 24, 2017

Since 1963, the Administration for Community Living (ACL), has celebrated May as Older Americans Month, which recognizes our nation’s older citizens. This year’s theme, “Age Out Loud,” emphasizes the importance of older adults living their golden years with confidence and zeal. No matter how much we would like to hit the pause button at that

Women and Health: 4 Steps to a Healthier You

POSTED ON May 12, 2017

You’re never too young or too old to make changes in your lifestyle that benefits your overall health. But in today’s fast-paced society, it’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and put making healthy decisions on a back burner. In recognition of the 18th Annual National Women's

Dealing with Depression

POSTED ON April 28, 2017

This last week of Counseling Awareness Month focuses on depression, which was also the central theme for World Health Day earlier this month. Depression is widely reported as a common mental disorder that affects more than 300 million people globally, according to the World Health Organization. This illness is more than just feeling sad or

Stress: How It Affects Your Life and Health

POSTED ON April 12, 2017

There’s no way around it, stress is a factor we all face in life. And while it affects everyone differently, learning how to manage stress is vital. Though some people struggle with unplugging from the world, incorporating time to ‘relax and release’ is a must, and choosing to forgo any sort of relaxation method puts

Feeling Red: How Infrared Saunas Are Gaining Popularity

POSTED ON March 21, 2017

The old fashioned sauna may be going out of style. If recent developments in the past few years have anything to say about it, the time of steam flooded rooms is, well, evaporating. What is an Infrared Sauna? Like the name suggests, infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body directly, rather than by

How 3D printing is changing the healthcare industry

POSTED ON January 12, 2017

First, there was 3D comics and those ridiculous-looking fire engine red and blue glasses. Then came 3D movies and their (thankfully) more modern-looking eyewear. And now, it seems, another form of 3D generation is becoming mainstream, especially for the healthcare industry. According to the Healthcare Trends Institute, 3D printing is one of eight technological innovations

3 Ways To Stay Safe This Holiday

POSTED ON December 27, 2016

There’s no surprise learning that the holiday season isn’t exempt from accidents. In 2013 alone, there were a reported 56 thousand unintentional accidents at home. The holidays, it seems, are prime opportunities for accidents, as cooking and decorations increase just to name a few. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a statistic. Decorating Whether

Cryotherapy: A Freezing New Trend

POSTED ON December 14, 2016

Cryotherapy. It sounds like something out of science-fiction, but you can now find it in a strip mall near you. In fact, the method has been around longer than you think, despite just emerging as the latest health trend. What is cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is using cold temperatures for disease treatment, typically with some direct application

5 Reasons Why Winter Can Be Healthier For You

POSTED ON December 1, 2016

Winter in Baytown and the Houston area is, well, not like most parts of the country. The temperatures can still rise to the 80s. Most nights are great for socializing outdoors. And any hint of snow can shut down the entire city. But chilly temps provide more than a few benefits than relief from summer’s sizzling

6 Different Types of Chronic Pain

POSTED ON October 4, 2016

Chronic Pain Many don’t realize that September is Pain Awareness Month, a month dedicated to bringing awareness to various forms of chronic pain. The first step of awareness is education, especially when chronic pain isn’t always understood by those who don’t deal with it everyday. In fact, some believe chronic pain is psychological or something

4 Reasons Why Beaches Are Great For The Body

POSTED ON July 8, 2016

When summer strolls along, one of the first words that enters many minds is the beach. That wonderful sandy place that embodies the ideal of vacation and relaxation. But while many of us are already familiar with the benefits of vacationing on the shore, here are some that may surprise you.



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